Monday, May 18, 2009

Inteview: Tadeusz Deregowski

Name: Tadeusz Deregowski
Occupation: Artist
where you are located: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

1. What kind of art do you make?

I make Monotypes in a variety of styles, either using stencils-

Stencil example 1
Stencil example 2

...with the "right" end ot the brush-

Right end example 2
Right end example 2

...or with "wrong" -

Wrong end example 2

2. What do you enjoy most about working in this medium?

I'll talk about Monotype here.

What I like about it is that it encourages spontanaity and wit.

Monotype is very much akin to a "live" performance, and just as some musicians are better live than on record, I'm much better working rapidly than slow.

Because it is fairly rapid, I usually produce several images in a session, then discard the weak ones (sometimes, indeed, all the work from a session ends up in the bin).

This allows me to work in series, and that gives me considerable freedom to experiment and play around.

There is little in life so delightful as the sensation of pulling the paper off the plate and seeing that it has been a success.

3. What challenges have you found in your work?

I think the main challenge is one faced by all artists, which is that you can have not just single bad days, but whole fallow periods.

Fortunately for me these have only ever lasted a couple of months at most, but when they occur it is possible to become quite morose. At such times, it's best to go on holiday.

To forestall dead patches, I have become something of a magpie, collecting and noting things which I might transform into work.

4. Where do you find inspiration?

I love 19th century architecture, maps, the illustration plates in natural histories, sea shells, insects, city plans and architectural theory, gardens, religious iconography and flags.

Travelling to new cities always brings me lots of ideas.

5. What are your favorite artists, designer or blogs.

I am a big fan of the architect Alexander "Greek" Thomson, the Glasgow Architect. I also like Edwin Lutyens very much.

I'm very fond of the painters Hammershoi, Poussin and de Chirico.

6. Where can we purchase your work?

You can visit me in Florianopolis, or write to me by email. The work is priced to the Brazillian market, and therefore very affordable for those in first world economies.

My work can best be seen on Flickr.

7. Do you have any new projects in the works?

I'm working on a project entitled "The Garden City"- quite large monotypes, 60 x 86 cm.

I'm documenting this on my blog.

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Baz Mcm said...

Really liking the artist interview series. Some great art discoveries being brought to my front door.