Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tutorial: Alphabet Card Art Display

I found this cute tutorial over at Tiny Decor, enjoy!

"This entire project was inspired by these awesome alphabet cards by Jenn Ski for K&Company that I found at Michaels. I previously featured Jenn’s animal letter prints in my roundup of modern nursery art on Etsy. When I saw her new Actopus to Zelephant Collection at Michael’s I immediately knew she had licensed her designs to K&Company.

The set of alphabet cards was only $6.99. So cute, but too flimsy for my son to play with. I wanted to find a way to display the lightweight cardstock cards so my son could enjoy them. After a lot of pondering over frames, cork boards, and clotheslines, I finally came up with a great idea to mount the cards to canvas and secure them with silver brads."

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Gina Perry said...

hooray! i've been scouring every cool artist site for something this cool for my son's room. i'll send u a pic when we do it!

Mrs. Z said...

So cute! I am looking for ideas for my daughter's room which we're remodeling in a few months. This will be one to consider!

made sweet said...

it looks so good! i want to do that.

mchen said...

Great idea — and the cards are adorable. Congrats to you... Michael's? WowSAH :)

Curren11 said...

Such a beautiful way to attract a child's eye. What size canvas did you use to achieve this look?

Love your work!