Saturday, March 5, 2011

Serge Mouille lighting



I'm on the hunt for a unique wall sconce for my office and I have fallen in love with the Mouille Two-Arm wall sconce sold at DWR and the bad news is... it's $5,200.00!


Anonymous said...

CB2 has a decent wall sconce for $50, and has a knockoff Serge Mouille called the 'Preying Mantis' for $395. Good Luck!!!

nicholle said...

I absolutely love Serge Mouille! To be honest I love everything that looks old and vintage because I’m one of those persons fascinated by the past. So God bless the classics! But Serge Mouille lamps are miles away from my humble budget. By the way, if there is anyone interested in this type of topics (classic & modern design ), I’ve discovered a recent lighting brand that takes inspiration from the great design classics called DELIGHTFULL. Take a look: