Tuesday, July 3, 2007

1963 Geneva Steel Kitchen Cabinets, in Aquamarine!

Months ago I was searching for anything retro on Craigslist when I came across a sale listing for vintage aqua metal kitchen cabinets! My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw the pictures!! Pam (the chick with the vintage goods) had been searching for metal cabinets for her 50's style kitchen for years. She renovated her now beautiful kitchen and had leftover cabinets! By the time I contacted her someone had already snatched them up. Check out her blog that documents her renovation.

"They are from The Grace Institute, a not-for-profit on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and had been installed in 1963. Nuns ran the institute at the time, and these filled two rooms used to teach cooking to women in need. Today, the rooms are used to teach ESL classes (in progress when I initially visited to scope out the cabinets, pictured.) The nuns took great care of them. I'm told they were only used for seven or eight years."

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