Friday, July 6, 2007

Crewel embroidery kits

I just love these retro organic designs by artist Katherine Shaughnessy! When I was twelve years old I loved doing embroidery (what a weird hobby for a 12-year-old!). Now I don't think I have the patience to finish something like that, maybe if it was small... I wish I could - they look so beautiful!

Website: Wool and hoop

"Crewel is the art of embroidering by hand with wool thread on linen fabric. Wool & Hoop offers a line of crewel embroidery kits featuring original designs by artist Katherine Shaughnessy. With crewelwork, there is no counting, no grids: just free-form embroidery. You'll enjoy learning all the crewel stitches - they're fun to master."

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