Saturday, August 11, 2007

Brini Maxwell

I worship Brini Maxwell. She is my hands-down, all-time favorite domestic diva. And I just found out that she's re-releasing clips from her old cable access show in short downloadable weekly videos! Brini always has recipes and great household tips, plus she is very cute and funny! If you don't know who Brini is, do yourself a favor and Sign up to receive weekly episodes of her internet show.

Also the Style Network has released the first season of The Brini Maxwell Show on DVD. Each half hour is chock-full of home and fashion tips, making for a total of five hours of entertaining and useful Brini wisdom. You'll learn everything from how to throw a cocktail party to how to get smudges off your linoleum (hint: a dab of lighter fluid does the trick!).

I was so incredibly sad when her show was cancelled... :(

The Maxwell Fireside - Heavenly Hearth (From her first cable show)

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