Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Crate and Barrel vs Boston Interiors

I've been hunting for a mid-twentieth century or modern home for a while now, with no luck so far. Real estate prices in the Boston area are completely insane, and the type of home I'm looking for is very hard to find in New England. I think we're looking at at least another year or two of renting... but that doesn't mean I can't window-shop for furniture for my imaginary house!

I love the Petrie sofa (pictured above) from Crate and Barrel, but at $1,499 it's a bit out of my price range. I kept looking around and found a similar sofa on the Boston Interiors website. It's called the Giselle, and it's currently on sale for $779.95.

decor8 has posted that starting tomorrow Aug. 2nd, Macy's will have their sofa the Corona on sale for $699 and it will be available in pear, stone, and a very dark chocolate.

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