Saturday, August 25, 2007

Going Green

I've been shopping at my local Stop And Shop lately, and I've noticed more and more people using those Stop And Shop green reusable bags instead of the usual paper or plastic bags. Also, did you know that starting March 15, all IKEA stores in the US will charge a nickel per plastic bag in an effort to get people to use reusable bags? IKEA will be selling its reusable 'Big Blue Bag' (pictured above) for 59 cents.

I was so happy about all this environmenteering, and then I realized I was still using plastic bags! So it's time to look into purchasing some cloth bags:

"I'm NOT a plastic bag" by Anya Hindmarch has been all the rage for months. Her website says she is sold out, but you can still find the bags on Ebay.

And if following trends is not for you (or if you just hate trendy-ism altogether) the "I'm NOT a smug twat" bag may be just the thing. Hilarious!

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pombamarela said...

In Portugal, Ikea charge for paper bags for a long time, and they also sell the big plastic bags.