Monday, September 17, 2007

Yesterday @ the Sowa Open Market!

Yesterday was a great day to attend the South End Open Market! It started out slow, but by 1PM a mad rush of people had shown up. I met sooo many awesome people - just-looking, buying, and selling alike. Even a Jenn Ski Studio Blog reader showed up, and I was so excited I forgot to ask her name. So here's to you, anonymous blog reader! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Also, Holly Becker from Decor8 (a super-popular design blog) popped into my tent to say hello. Now, I've never met her in person, but we've exchanged emails and she's even featured me on her blog. So she approached me and said "Hi, I'm Holly," and at first I had no idea who she was, so I just said "Hi!" Three seconds later I realized she was that Holly and went "Oh, my god, Hiii!!!" I was a little star-struck, it was funny! So if you read this, Holly, thanks for stopping by, and have fun in Germany!

I shared my tent with Old Gray Sweats, another Etsy seller who sells baby sweats, and yoga jackets for women. Behind us was another seller named Jen Jen Jewlery. I loved her stuff!!!

If you were looking for jewelry, this was the market to go to: Most of the booths were selling jewelry, then clothing, and lastly art and antiques and stuff. Even though there were lots of jewelry sellers, however, each booth had something unique to offer. My mother in law came by and was blown away by pretty much every jewelry seller!

I picked up some small things here and there. I got three funky costume rings for $15.

And I picked up some antique pins (two for $5) from the sellers to my right... They had awesome vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories, but in the commotion I forgot their names... I'm horrible with names, it's embarrassing!

As for my own sales, it was a great day: My Jenn Ski Notecards 4-pack was a huge success (I almost sold out of them, I have three 4-packs left!), I sold a bunch of single cards, and quite a few giclées. The surprise of the day for me was a little 4"x6" print that I'd made the night before just to have more small prints on display... People seemed to love it! I also sold one of two felt pins I had on display. I love my felt pins!

So all in all, it was a great day. I sold some things, met some great people, and had tons of fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and an extra-special thanks to those who bought my stuff!

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