Friday, October 19, 2007

Etsy artist Rikrak

I was looking for christmas stuff on Etsy when I came across Rikrak. I love the vintage fabrics used and all the bright colors! Check out more of Rikrak on Flickr.

I've been addicted to felt lately, I've collected enough to fill a big box. I've been thinking of making some felt pod ornaments and Rikrak has inspired me with their color combinations. So pretty!

Check out this cute fabric magnet fridge set!


50s Pam said...

Hi, Jenn. I'm 50sPam - the woman you emailed 3 months ago about my aquamarine 1963 Geneva Kitchen Cabinets. Thank you for featuring my blog,! I wanted to let you know that I have an even better photo of the kitchen, taken by a pro. If you're interested, it's now on my site. I am now doing 2 postings daily -- and I am soon going to do a feature on your work and your blog in return. I LOVE BOTH! Your taste is awesome and very sympatico with my focus/passion, Retro Renovation. In fact my blog will soon transition to that name, I'm working on it. Greetings BTW from the Berkshires of Western Mass.!

rikrak said...

oh goodness! thanks so much for featuring me on your beautiful blog, jenn ski! i'm such a huge fan of your gorgeous work and use of colour & design! thanks again! and be well,
k. @ rikrak