Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DIY Wrapping paper

Have you run out of wrapping paper? Well try this!

Blue Print Wrapping Paper

Blue Print:
Our first gift to you: This stack of spirited wrapping paper -- designed by Blueprint, and not sold in stores. Just print out one -- or all -- of the five patterns (11-by-17-inch paper works best).

Wrapping Paper How-To
Our custom papers are meant to be combined (as we did above) or used separately with other things you have around the house. Feel free to mix and match as you like. If you like the look of our set, here's how we did it:

From Top to Bottom
Wrap a gift with our swirly paper, then print out an oval frame accent and adorn with a picture or type. The striped-paper box is accented with a cummerbund dotted with frame windows (feel free to fill in the recipient's name or a festive message like we did. Our fancy cummerbund paper can be cut out in strips and used with plain white paper or a patterned paper in a similar color scheme. The last present's graphic print needs only a simple black ribbon and an ornamental plaque to cut out and affix to the gift.

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