Wednesday, January 30, 2008


For the past year and a half, my husband and I have wanted to buy a house. Not just any home, a retro home built in the 50's-60's, in the Greater Boston area. We have looked, and looked, and looked, but when we find something that looks promising, it's always either too small, too out-in-the-woods, or way out of our budget. I keep going through house listings online hoping for "the right one" to show up, but no luck so far. :-(

I'm sick of apartment living. I want a place where I can paint the walls whatever color I want, have the kitchen of my dreams, maybe a little garden, and where I can vacuum the house at 1:00 in the morning if I feel like it, without fear of pissing off the neighbors. The fact that I'm incredibly impatient by nature doesn't help. Sometimes I feel like a 4-year-old throwing a tantrum: "I WANT A HOUSE, AND I WANT IT NOOOOWWW!!! WWAAAA!!!

Anyway, this Friday we're going to see another house. It was built in 1959 and I really like the look of the outside. I don't think it's quite big enough for us, and it's not in a great area, but I just want to go see it to get it out of my system.


Diana said...

Jenn - I totally understand! I have not been looking for a house (yet), but I know the feeling of wanting a "home" to do what you like with. You'll know it when you see it - good luck!

CK said...

I want to get that house INTO my system!

Jennifer DeDonato said...


Totally understand! I lived in Boston and we could only afford apartment living. I had to move back to Texas to be able to afford a house. I loved Boston so much! I want to go back to the North End and get a treat from Mikes Pastries.

Peggy said...

Jenn - I totally hear you. I am sick, sick, sick of apartment living. I also want a 50s style ranch. But I want a husband too! And seem to find that. So give your husband a big kiss for me and tell him how lucky you are to have him to look for a home together. And you will know your home the moment you walk in the door.

Good luck, and when you find your home, I can't wait to see it decorated with your fabulous artwork.

50s Pam said...

Location location location, Jenn! It really is uber important. Don't settle til you really find what you want - in a great location.

Carolina Eclectic said...

I hope your house search goes well. I am also hoping for that perfect ranch house.