Monday, March 3, 2008

Green interiors

Domino magazine brings you their 2008 Green List, they have some easy tips to keep your home green. Check out some of their tips posted below.

This bedroom floor's striking, Aztec-inspired pattern is made of cork, the bark of a species of oak that's periodically shaved off and harvested without damaging the tree.

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This chic kitchen is, believe it or not, totally eco: the wheatboard cabinets are a straw-based alternative to off-gassing particleboard; the backsplash is recycled glass tiles; the base cabinets sport sustainable walnut veneers; the countertops are earth-friendly Caeserstone, and the flooring is natural stone.

Ready for a shock? Linoleum, that '50s staple, has always been eco. Made of linseed oil, discarded wood flour, and limestone dust, linoleum's organic pigments impart a timeworn charm.

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orange you lucky! said...

I was just thinking of doing something different with the bathroom floor. Linoleum has serious potential! Thanks!

Good-Grace said...

Oh my gosh! I love Domino magazine... but I especially any GREEN issue. I had never heard of wheatboard cabinets - they are gorgeous!