Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ed Emberley

I recently saw this book in a antique store and I wanted to buy it, lol. When I was a kid I had the soft cover addition from the 80's. I was so in love with that book, it went with me every where. It may still be in my parents attic, they never throw away anything!

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Anonymous said...

Love Ed Emberly. My favorite page was the halloween and monsters page. I think early videogames owe a lot to the man.

Dude Can't Draw said...

OMG I had this book. And I'll bet money it's still in my parents' garage somewhere!

Thanks for posting this, got a good gasp out of me this morning. =)

chinamama said...

i'm so glad i stumbled upon your site. just bought a print from your shop (via and came over to the blog. Major memories with the Emberly book!
then a scroll down and there's an Earl Moran... will be visiting your blog often.
cheers! can't wait to hang the print up in my revamped studio. cheers, amy

ellencrimitrent said...

these are great! I love the old vintage children's books and I have a few. I hope your house search went okay, I remember when we looked in 2000 and everyone was having bidding wars. I wanted to live closer to the ocean here in South Shore Ma but the prices were nuts! We settled in between so now I am only 20 min south of boston and 20 min from the beach. They do have some deals out there but its still high as far as I am concerned.

Good Luck!

kate Endle said...

I regularly use Ed Emberly's book for photo reference, believe it or not. I have all his how to books and a few of his children's books. Great stuff!