Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Lenox

My husband and I have decided to buy the Lenox sofa from Room and Board, which one of my readers suggested to check out. We taped up the floor to see what sizes would look good in the space. Now we have to wait 2 months for them to be shipped here. I hope they look great, I've always had a hard time buying things I haven't seen in person.


orange you lucky! said...

I hope that it's exactly what you imagined it to be!
Right now it looks like the sofa murder crime scene:)

Jenn Ski said...


I have to look at that tape until September 28th! These are custom order pieces that will be shipped from california. The waiting is going to kill me!

Anonymous said...

Shipped from California? Did you know that Room and Board is based in Minneapolis? And their warehouse is here, too. Every weekend they have a warehouse sale. Jealous? I've been shopping there since the 80s.

stevi said...

i sure hope you love your lenox as i think i was the one that suggested you check out r&b!

I felt the same way about ordering such important pieces without seeing but i was SO pleasantly surprised...i love all our r&b furniture.

can't wait to see it in place in photos!

Anonymous said...

That is SO not a Lenox in that photo!
You know that, right?

Jenn Ski said...

I believe it is the Lenox, check out the website