Monday, August 4, 2008

Driving down to Ikea

My husband and I drove down to Ikea last weekend to pick up some things for the house. A drive that usually took us 28 minutes now takes us an hour and half now! So I tried to be thorough but there were just so many people there and I think we might have missed some things. I did get some fabric panels for my closet and a Anno Ljuv panel for the front entrance and a very large Balso pot (Which I have always wanted). The panel is just taped up right now, when I get some time I will get it up there for real.


angela said...

Hello Jenn,

Your new home looks beautiful and i have the same ikea panel in the living room. Congratulations.
We haven't moved yet, but I hope real soon. can't wait!

Best of luck with you,

Anonymous said...

Love the big pot! I used to drive 800 miles round trip to IKEA, twice a year. Finally they opened a store here in 2004. So my drive is about 25 minutes! You'll just have to have an good shopping list when you go.