Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cleaning up the front

So the front of my home has a lot of old growth bushes that are just taking over the house and making it look so small. We decided to start cutting down some of the craziness and the house is looking so much bigger!

Now we have a big mess of branches to clean up.


joyflea said...

I love how your house is framed by the majestic trees at the back. It looks like a very pretty area where you live.

ellencrimitrent said...

the outside of the house always takes up as much time as the inside!! Our deck takes me about a couple of weeks to plant all the pots and then there is the yard which is big,flower beds to spruce up each year,
and all that mulch! Happy Landscaping!

If you have trouble most nurseries will draw up plans for free if you buy some plants from them its a great and inexpensive way to get another perspective on how your yard could look.

Stevi said...

I love your house! You need this mid-century birdfeeder!

sally said...

The house looks great and it's so nice to see the actual house.