Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jim Ward Morris

"imagery inspired by advertising from the 1950's & 1960's"

Check out these prints by Jim Ward Morris. I love the integration between old imagery and new/modern shapes and colors. Also check out his website.



my top 4 events of 2008

my wife Carly is 9 months pregnant and believe it or not…we've decided to have this baby boy at home (with the help of a qualified mid-wife). due date is October 22.

our daughter Pearl has made it to her 10th birthday having fallen (only once) flat on her face and receiving (only one) chipped tooth.

having the world realize that buying ART is almost certainly the only good investment around.

finding out that Jenn Ski (probably the coolest designer/artist living in Somerville that I know of) has just posted my art images on the front page of her studio blog. life will never be the same.

thank-you Jenn…you are part of the top 4 events of 2008

Jim Ward Morris

Talal Mkld said...

hi..good blog

tula said...

i love this and i love jim ward morris's comment, too. what a doll!