Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mini Mod

Krista Peel has been working on a new series of miniature rooms designed inside of glass aquariums. Each room has a great collection of artists, and some wonderful pieces of miniature artwork. Check them out here.

Each of these handbuilt roomboxes is an art gallery of collected works from around the world.

Room materials include original miniature artwork, fabrics, beads, paper, wood, mirrors, rocks, pins, tiles, perfume lids, stir sticks, plastic, glass, foam core, bottle tops, artificial plants and pre-made dollhouse furnishings.


Helen Tilbury said...

wow, these are if I had Madonna's money these would definitely beat my daughter's Barbie houses!

Lucas SiƩcola said...

Very good your arts.
I liked your vision about the thinks.
Very nice.