Monday, January 5, 2009

Mid-Century Monday!

Today we'll look at the "Janus" walnut coffee table, designed by Edward Wormley and manufactured by Dunbar in the late 50's.

The table is 17.25" (43.8cm) tall, 18.75 (48.6cm) wide and 77" (195.6cm) long. That's longer than... a really tall person! Wormley designed these for the Dunbar company in 1957, as part of their "Janus" furniture line. It's hard to find a good picture of the top of the table, but those are actual Natzler tiles inlaid on there!

What to look for:
Dunbar was a top-notch furniture maker, so the overall quality of the craftsmanship on these tables should be quite high. Look for Dunbar tags or labels on the underside. The legs should taper inwards slightly, and the tabletop sides should taper in steeply toward the underside. Loose joints, cracked tiles, etc. bring the price down. Some light wear is OK.

At auction, depending on condition: $3500 - $6000

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