Monday, December 22, 2008

Must shovel snow... Ugh (update)

Luckily my next door neighbor came by yesterday and snow plowed my driveway. The bad thing is, it kept snowing and it doesn't look like he did anything.

So instead of shoveling, I've been doodling on Illustrator and I used an old newspaper as a texture. I can't wait to use more of it in the future. I wish I had a magical machine that could make printed fabric. Sigh... These patterns would look awesome as pillows.

*Update I put them up for sale on


jacklyn said...

this would be a great fabric!

check out spoonflower.

i hear it's awesome!

Carrie S. said...

Jenn, you should check out Spoonflower! It's about as close to a magical fabric printing machine as you can get.

p.s. These patterns are AWESOME.

Laura said...

GAH!!!!! i absolutely LOVE these! make some prints for your shop? please?

Heather said...

Have you tried to print your fabric? If not, check it out. Kind of addicting.

orange you lucky! said...

This looks great!!!
I've been wishing for that magical fabric making machine myself.
Got to have a talk with Santa this year...:)

Jenn Ski said...

Thanks for the spoon flower tip, I had never heard of them before.

Jenn Ski said...

Also I put them up on etsy.

Anonymous said...

I love the top one. The color combo is awesome!