Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yay! I have my pendant light back!

I really missed my old white pendant light, the one I had in my old apartment. So I decided to find a way to use it in my new home.

Well, I was finally able to put it up, even though I have ancient recessed lighting cans in the celling. I researched online and found a recessed light conversion kit that allows you to hang pendant lights from recessed lighting holes. Thankfully it was sold at my local Lowes home improvement store. The kit I got included a cheap pendant light, so my husband had to perform surgery on it to make it work with our lamp. It's really only meant to hold lightweight and small pendant lights, but the glass globe on my light broke so it's not too heavy anymore. I don't think we could have used it if our lamp was much heavier than it is.

If you like my vintage pendant light, Ikea has started selling the BRASA, which is pretty similar to mine.


dardik said...

Your place is looking absolutely fabulous! I wish I could drop by for a cocktail or two:)
Super job!

Lena said...

It looks great. I love your red wall!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Your house is a mid-century gem! I'm a little green with envy. Love my 50's rancher, but your house is sooo special!