Monday, February 16, 2009

Orla Kiely now for sale at Target stores

So I've been visiting my local Target store over the past two weeks searching for Orla's products. First I saw the cloth organizing boxes and now they finally have her line of kitchen ware on display. I was hoping that my store would have more of each product but they only had 4 of each plate, 6 of each plastic cup and only two trays. I stood there in front of all the products for 15 minutes trying to decide what to get. I ended up getting a tray and matching serving bowl... and a storage box.


beth said...

Yes--my Target has only some items by Kiely, and I bought a storage box and two glasses. people are already selling Orla Kiely target stuff on Ebay for wayyyy over list price. Amazing. I want the placemats for my Mom, and I ordered the small pear canister online from target.

juliel said...

ha, glad to hear someone else was standing there for 15 minutes. I stood in front of the display for ages, trying to decide what I would actually use. People thought I was bizarre, but I just kept standing there, staring! Of the kitchen things, I kept it to mugs and dishtowels... and one table cloth to make into a baby blanket. :)

Leah said...

I'm so frustrated by the way Target is rolling out this line. Different stores have different things, products are trickling in instead of available all at once, the website doesn't have the entire collection, each store gets only a few of each item ... argh!!!

I visited our local super-Target today, thinking that since it was past the 15th, when everything was finally supposed to be available, I could actually see the entire collection. But no -- there was just one sad little endcap with a couple of laundry bags, a couple of hanging clothes organizers, and a few storage boxes. No kitchen items at all.

I wound up buying a storage box, which actually seems well constructed and quite sturdy for it $10 pricetag. But I don't have time to keep driving around to different Targets trying to find other items. I may order a couple of things from, and I'm already scoping out eBay for Orla items. I won't pay an inflated price for anything, but actually trying to track down these things in the physical stores is way too big of a headache to deal with.

shannon said...

Considering a Orla Kiely storage box at Heal's in the UK can go for almost £40, anything at Target is a steal, I am envious.