Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tillandsia Air Plants

All the grocery stores near me have Tillandsia air plants. They are so tiny and cute I just had to snag some. Those pots they come in are only 1.25 inches tall!

*Tillandsias are NOT toxic to animals


Lemongrass Studio said...

Air Plants? Does this mean it's possible to not kill them like all my other plants?

Jenn Ski said...

I guess they like a lot of sun and a spritz of water now and again.

drollgirl said...

wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! excellent find!

Hanna and Daniel said...

Air Plants, this sounds interesting. Do they remain small? Kind of like a bonzai as they without a size ref looks fully grown?
We love plants but the problem is that they take so much space.
Thanks for the link nod btw.


Biba said...

This is my kinda plant! :)