Monday, March 9, 2009

Mid-Century Monday: Pyrex

The History of Pyrex
Pyrex glassware was introduced to the public in 1915 by the Corning Glass Works. According to Barbara E. Mauzy’s Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collectors Guide, there are 3 basic types of collectible Pyrex: Clear Pyrex Ovenware (introduced in 1915), Pyrex Flameware (1936 - 1979) and Pyrex Colors (1947 - ?). Of the three types, most people are familiar with the Colored Pyrexware because it is very distinct and there is a considerable amount of it still being used in households. There is a good chance that any antique store or flea market you visit will have a number of Pyrex items for sale.

How can you tell if an item is Pyrex or not?
Look at the bottom of the piece (or sometimes at the handles). In most instances, Corning did put a maker mark on their “Pyrex”. This is not an absolute rule, but it should be your first step. If a piece is marked with something else, chances are it is not Pyrex. After collecting Pyrex for awhile, you’ll learn to distinguish their shapes and patterns, so you can tell Pyrex just from sight.

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drollgirl said...

i love the pink pyrex! super cute.

ooh-la-liz said...

Yay -- all 3 of my dotted Pyrex dishes were highlighted in your montage!

Cait said...

I have a white casserole dish from my grandmother that has blue snowflakes on the side and a clear glass top. It's adorable (and indestructible!)