Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview with CZM

Name: CZM
Occupation: Artist & Designer
Where you are located: Pittsburgh

1. What kind of art/craft do you make?
Wire sculpture, and paintings inspired by mid-century design.

2. What do you enjoy most about working in this medium?
I really enjoy painting with gouache. It has a wonderful matte look and is easy to get a very smooth workable consistency. I also love soldering. I am absolutley no expert, and don't even try to be - my joints are hilarious and lumpy, but working molten metal is just so satisfying.

3. What challenges have you found in your work?
The hardest thing is to create a work with that classic mid-century asthetic without being redundant.

4. Where do you find inspiration?
Old magazines, album covers, book covers, film imagery, catalogs, other artists... I have some fabulous vintage art and decorating magazines that I reference all the time. Research is one of the most fun and time consuming parts in creating my work.

5. What are your favorite artists, designers or blogs.
WOW! Too many to count, I discover and fall in love with some new artist every day! Jim Flora has always been close to my heart, and Bernard Buffet, though Oswaldo Guayasamin is my latest obsession. I've been collecting local Pittsburgh artists as well, this is where Warhol was trained and I've come across pieces by some of his contemporaries. It's very exciting!

6. Where can we purchase your work?
El Gato Gomez is my personal website. I display available works and sold pieces. I accept commissions and will reproduce sold pieces with variations, so all works are original.
I also sell on Ebay through Design Revolution LLC. The seller ID is modasahatter.

7. Do you have any new projects in the works?
Always, if you visit my site you will see how my work morphs and mutates constantly. I have some sort of artistic A.D.D. and I find myself jumping around quite a bit. I have a kiln now, so I plan to get started on some ceramic pieces as soon as it gets a little warmer outside.


The Cottage Cheese said...

Great pieces. I find that last piece (the mixed media) really calls to me.

Anna said...

Not very original work she basically just copies other artists.

Molly Hampton said...

I totally agree with Anna not very original . Lots of Edward Gorey and Jim Flora copies. The sculptures are pretty good though.