Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My dad and my husband have been cutting down trees so that we can get a new above-ground electrical line to the house. The whole thing was complicated by our existing 175'-long fiber-optic internet/phone line, which runs right through the trees in question. They cut two massive maples and a bunch of smaller trees without incident... but then their last tree decided to fall right on the FiOs line, which yanked it from the telephone poll and whipped back to my property!

Anyway, I thought I would have no internet for a few days, but the phone company folks came by today and fixed it. I was kind of sad they got it up so fast: I was hoping the wire being gone would give my hubby some time to take down some more trees without worrying about the line!

So, why do I need a new line? The current underground line we have is original to the house. Apparently, fifty years ago people's homes didn't consume as much electricity as modern homes, so our service is half of what new homes get. We're completely at capacity! My husband is setting up a workshop in our garage, too, so we will need the extra current. Our electrician has been working hard the past few days and I can't wait until it's all done.

We plan on getting a storage system from Ikea. We really like the BRODER system, but when we went last week to get it all, they didn't have enough of any of the parts we needed.

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