Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yucky yuck yuck!

I am participating in the Concord Arts Market this Saturday, which means I have to buy a tent with plastic sides to protect me from the rain, oh how fun... If anyone is feeling adventurous please come out and visit my booth and keep me company, I'll even bring an extra chair for you!

Click here for directions.


Kate Gabrielle said...

Good luck!

If you want a tip about the tent, just get an EZ Up normal tent at BJs or any other kind of store like that-- I had one that stood by me for five whole years before collapsing in a hurricane! I purchased their really expensive model to replace the cheaper one, and THAT one broke in two weeks! Also I heard from other artists at my last show that Quest brand tents buckle under the slightest bit of rain, if you're expecting bad weather :) Hope that helps! :)

mandi said...

oh im sooo far away darnit! but i did win your zipper pouch off of the cottage cheese blog and it is so beautiful!! i just had to say thanks to you as well :) good luck with the rain!