Friday, July 24, 2009

Indian Pipes (Monotropa uniflora)

Strange Plant
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These things are popping up all over the place here in the NH woods where I live. I got curious and searched for more info on them, but I had the hardest time finding anything. I thought they were a type of mushroom, but they're actually a plant. They're called indian pipes, and they're related to the blueberry plant! Why are they white, you ask? They have no chlorophyll - they get their energy from the fungi they grow on. To learn more about this amazing and beautiful plant and how it survives, click here.


GeorgiaPeachez said...

OK, this has got to be the strangest plant/fungi I have ever seen. I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of such things but this one is just blowin' me away. It must be a northern/cold winter plant 'cause I have never seen this anywhere I have lived. (NJ being my most northern abode)

lolly-jolly said...

hm that looks very weird and cool at the same time!

rigel said...

i just saw one of these for the first time while tromping through the woods yesterday(Ontario,Canada). so that's what it is! i thought it was a mushroom too. thanks!

Rely said...

They are marvellows!!! So white!!! they are without chlorophyll!! strange plant!!! :)

Set Carré said...

Thanks for sharing this! I found some in my woods and was not able to find out what plant it was. I thought it was mushroom too!

theretrolife said...

A few years ago, I spent an enchanted hour photographing a stand of these as the sun lit them up in different ways. They are very special! I was told they were called Indian Peace Pipes, by someone who was told by her grandmother, an old New England woman.