Friday, August 7, 2009

New print for sale

New print for sale on Etsy

Have a good weekend!


Taryn said...

I am amazed.
This is just breathtaking, in my opinion. I. LOVE. IT!!!


lolly-jolly said...

love the colors! have a lovely weekend:)

christy @ White Willow Vintage said...

Just found your blog and your etsy shop(s) glad that I did. You have a killer eye and I love your color compositions.

Thanks for marking my Calder print blank card as a favorite (that's how I found you by the way).

aileen said...

i love the colors. totally reminiscent of 60s-70s kitchenware or something of the like. awesome.


Furniture movers said...

I'm glad i came across to your site.

and thanks for the new print, i just need to consult my husband for this.