Thursday, September 17, 2009

Water plants have a new home

My mom had given me a water plant for my koi pond that I think is so cute. It will probably die if I leave it outside this winter, so I found a new home for it inside a vase. It used to be a long thin plant but broke up into smaller pieces. I love it floating around my onion shaped vase.

I also skimmed out a few small pieces of water lettuce and stuck them in a second onion vase. I'm not sure if they will like living in a vase, I'll let you know how the experiment goes.

As for my gold and koi fish, I really want to bring them inside for the winter. That means I need to invest in a large fish tank. Ugh...


Lindsey said...

Oh! Love this idea! I may have to bring in our water plants for the winter too.

{ Lindsey }

Anonymous said...

Warning! Unsolicited Advice Ahead!

In most places Koi are just fine to overwinter outside. It may be exceptionally cold where you live, so maybe this doesn't apply in your case. But instead of luggin' those fishies inside, you might want to consider a good pond heater. The price will likely be cheaper or comparable to the size of aquarium you'll need (the rule of thumb for determining aquarium size is 1 gallon of water per 1 inch of fish).
If you do decide to purchase an aquarium, use water from your pond instead of water from the tap. I also suggest putting some of the filter media from your pond into the new filter in your aquarium. When you set up a new aquarium it takes a while to get the biological filtration and water chemistry in order. By using water and filter media from your existing bond, you'll be ahead of the game and your fish will have a better chance of living through the transition.

I hope this helps :) Good luck! Here's a couple links worth a read:

Jenn Ski said...

waa I'm so scared they will freeze.

I'll do some reading.

siescierto said...

I love that vase, it looks great with the water plant in it! I had a water plant once but it died, and I never found out if it was because of lack of sunlight, or what... hopefully yours will fare better!

Barbara said...

In Minnesota, our neighbors bring their Koi inside (if they heated the pond, the racoons would just enjoy a nice winter meal).

They use one of those large Sterlite storage bins with water from the pond and put a bubbler in it. Not fancy, but very inexpensive.