Friday, January 8, 2010

Craigslist Finds (MA, NH & RI)

I have been having the hardest time finding anything decent on CL lately. I think I might have to start hitting up thrift stores like Morgan from The brick house. I can't believe how many cool things she finds... grumbles...

Anywho, here are some of the things that got my attention, enjoy!

Hot Pink Tulip Stool Vintage Retro 1960s $55 Brookline, MA
Mid Century desk/vanity $200 Chestnuthill, MA
Retro silver flour/sugar holder $10 Rochester, NH
Retro dresser $125 Warwick, Ri


Laura said...

I have one of those bread boxes! Let me tell you, I LOVE IT. And it really does keep your bread fresher, longer.

sally said...

I may have to move back east. Out here we don't see anything remotely cool on craigslist.


my inland empire craigslist BLOWS.

i keep trying.

thrift stores are better - old people are scared of the interweb but loooove to donate.

Which reminds me that I need to go thrifting, it's been a few weeks and I'm jonesing.

You should too.

Iris said...

That Brasilia dresser for $125 is a steal!

Carolyn said...

Ooh- that dresser is Broyhill Brasilia- good stuff and that's a great price for it!

CasaCullen said...

i SO agree...clist in san francisco ROCKED (when we lived there) but since moving to austin, tx i just don't even LOOK anymore :( glad to see someone else is having the same issue