Monday, May 24, 2010


It's really starting to feel like summer around here! Everything is green and vibrant, bees are buzzing and Floyd practically lives outdoors. If his food bowl was outside he's have no reason to come in, ever! Here is a picture of him hiding under the bird feeder.

The grass in the front yard is growing in, and so did the clover and crab grass... Ugh. Well at least it's green :P

(May 2010)

(March 2010)


Dennisse Lisseth said...

It's amazing what 2 short months can do for the front of the house. The grass in front of the house is making the house look gorgeous. And the kitty looks nice and comfy.

Tillie said...

wow! I love your yard!!! And seriously your kitty is super cute!

Mags said...

Clover is good, as long as you're not allegic to bees! They'll come for the pollen and nectar, and help pollinate your other plants along the way.

As a kid I used to spend hours on our lawns hunting for the elusive four-leaf clover as well - a great lazy way to spend a sunny day.