Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Exciting news!

Photo by Bob O'connor

As readers of my blog know, I have been thinking about putting up blinds in my living room windows for a while now. Well, the nice folks at just sent me a full set of roller blinds for the room! I'm so excited! This will really make the room feel cozy and give it a nice, finished look - along with a bit of extra privacy. I've gone with their new Signature Roller Shades in the Lumen White fabric. The fabric has a stripe pattern that looks really sophisticated, contemporary and clean.

I'll have pictures of the mini-makeover soon, but in the meantime let me mention that customer service folks were superb: they sent me fabric samples super fast (which came with a discount coupon for ordering - a nice touch), and spent a half hour on the phone patiently reassuring my husband that the blinds would fit our non-standard, floor-to-ceiling windows. They also offer free shipping on most orders and their prices are awesome. Do check them out if you're looking for blinds!


Barbara said...

Dang! How'd you swing that?? Congratulations!

I need a 95" roller blind for my front window. I'll have to check them out.

MoonDoggie said...

Can't wait to see the room with blinds.

Anonymous said...

Love the mobile! And your blog!

esther said...

can't wait to see the finished product!