Sunday, October 24, 2010

Carpet floor tiles

I found some amazing carpet floor tiles at I was never a big fan when they first came out, they reminded me something you would see in a doctors office. The new designs are really winning me over. I'd like to update the the carpet in the Foyer and under the dinning room table, two areas that get quite dirty. I'm really liking the black and white stripes (featured in the first picture). Also the website allows you to buy samples, 3 for $5.


Carolyn said...

I just put down a rug of flor tiles in our dining room. Great customer service! I ordered a bunch of samples and knew what colors I wanted but wasn't sure about what textures/styles to use, also I wanted help w/ the layout and their designers helped me via e-mail, sending me at least 6 different layouts. It was a great experience!

Proud Mama & Papa said...

We have Flor rugs in both our living room and home office and we love them. We have fedora in both and love it. They vacuum up really nice, they are nice on bare feet and we have wiped off a stain or two really easy (knock on wood).

We have had to pull up a couple tiles and shove them closer together. I think its our office chair rolling over them that is pushing them apart some but its no big deal.

julia wheeler said...

flor is definitely a good option for awkward sized floors but i feel like it's not a whole lot cheaper than an area rug. BUT now that i read proud mom & papa's comment i can definitely see how a bonus on these would be that they're easier to clean! good call!