Monday, October 4, 2010

What a great idea!

I've always wanted one of those Swiffer things - they just seem so convenient! But having to buy the refills angered me. It's not just the extra expense, but thinking about all the extra junk I'd be sending to the landfill made me crazy, so I never got one.

Enter Rubbermaid and their new Reveal Spray Mop. I just saw a commercial for it on TV. It comes with a microfiber pad that is reusable so you no longer have to buy disposable pads. And the spray bottle is refillable, which means you can use whatever cleaning solution you want to use.

No more waste or expensive refills. Yay!


Fruition said...

That looks smart! I love that you can throw the pad in the washer.

stephanie said...

We've been using washcloths on an old swiffer for awhile now. I just dampen it a tad, put it on the swiffer and spray the floor with my desired cleaner.

stephanie said...

We've been using plain ole wash clothes (designated for floors) on an old swiffer. Dampen a tad and spray floor with desired cleaner and go! This way you don't have to wait for the only pad you have to be clean to use it, just use a new wash cloth. :)

Natalie said...

I bought one as soon as I saw the advertising this weekend (there was a $5 coupon in one of the weekend coupon booklets). Along with the washable pad and the refillable bottle is the fact that the main pole? Made of METAL.

My Swiffer failed precisely because of all three - the plastic pole snapping halfway this summer and making me cry. Haven't used the Reveal yet, but I am far too excited to see a company find a solution to the Swiffer Problem to shut up about it. Swiffers are great in theory, but ridiculous in execution: wasteful and cheaply constructed.

OK, I'll stop now. But yay!

EricaLeigh said...

My swiffer is metal, and I use _cloth diapers_!! Fabulous! Absorbent, thick, good for dry or wet mopping, and leave no lint. Since we have four kids, three of whom used diapers, we also have a never ending supply. But I will even buy some to replace these when they're dead... because they are the best way to dust, sweep, mop, and polish.