Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cleveland Clinic

On Dec. 2nd I hopped on a plane from Boston to warm and breezy Miami, to see my very sick father-in-law. We had planned to spend some time there, but the very next day he was flown to Ohio's Cleveland Clinic - and so were we. The Clinic was enormous, beautiful and filled with art. There were lots of greenish frosted glass walls, the hallways' PA system constantly played this eerie, soothing, new-age music... All in all, they've masterfully set up a very relaxing ambience that really helps people deal with what are, in a lot of cases, very hard times. My family and I really appreciated it. Kudos.

I won't bring you down with details of my family's ordeal, instead I'll share one of the nicer things I experienced there: the sheer amount of art at the clinic was simply amazing. It was EVERYWHERE! Literally all over the walls/ceilings/floors in every building of the massive Cleveland Clinic campus. They even offer 45-minute art tours of the place (which we unfortunately couldn't take, being busy with more pressing matters.)

The two sculptural pieces by Jaume Plensa really caught my eye. Both were made using metal type, which, being a graphic designer by training, I always enjoy. They weren't the only breathtaking pieces at the clinic, though, and if you're anywhere near Cleveland, I encourage you to drop by and take the art tour I couldn't take (Wednesdays and Saturdays at 2:30PM, I believe - check before going) or the audio tour, which is available any time.


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Galit said...

I had visited a children hospital once and was amazed at the amount of art everywhere. It is so inspiring and aspiring and makes the quality of the time spent there (for the patient and for his/her family) so much better. The power of art is unbelievable sometimes.

I wish your family that this time will pass quickly and be full with love.

stephanie said...

sorry to hear of your news & hope that your family will heal quickly.