Friday, January 14, 2011

New bathroom sconce

I went with the Possini Euro. I like the clean look and the metal rectangle kind of goes with my shower door motif. My husband drilled a big hole through the wall and we were able to get everything done in two days. I was the little helper and forgot to take any photo's of the process, but here's a picture of the bathroom before. The room has way more light! Hmm I wonder where else I can stick another sconce, these things make a room look wonderful!


Sarah Pecorino said...

The sconce really does look great with the shower door and the cabinet knobs. I like the wall color, too.

Sarah Pecorino said...

Rebecca Beagle said...

Sexy light!

We have a box o' light above our bathroom vanity similar to yours. Where yours is a box with what looks like a single light in it, we have a open box with frosted glass panels on the bottom and a couple of big florescent fixtures sitting in it. When both fixtures are working, it throws a lot of light into the bathroom.