Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making your own brooch bouquet

image via The Ritzy Rose

image via fantasyfloraldesigns.com

On my online hunts for flower brooches, I keep seeing more and more brooch bouquets for sale. They go for around $350 and up and are great for brides that want that vintage look and a sweet memento to remember that special day. If you are feeling adventurous these are pretty easy to make ahead of time, but you will need to start collecting asap! Start hitting up thrift shops, flea markets even relatives. You will need anywhere from 50-90 pieces, depending how big you want it.

image via fancypantsweddings.com

image via offbeatbride.com

There are lots of sites that offer tutorials, some are better than others. I've seen people bundle them together with twisted wire or stick them into styrofoam forms for that rounded shape. www.fancypantsweddings.com had a nice step by step tutorial. Below are more yummy images for inspiration.


Krazy4Mod said...

The vintage gowns are gorgeous and the brooch bouquets are amazing. I've never seen one before. What a great idea and a awesome keepsake from a bride's special day. Did you make any of the bouquets?

Sarah Pecorino said...

These are super pretty. As much as I liked the convenience of my silk flower arrangement, this is way better to have on display for years afterward.

Amanda Heer said...


Thank you for sharing my brooch bouquets
I still have mine I created 11 yrs ago for my very own wedding
it is a labor of Love designing them for my brides all over the world
Thank You Amanda Heer

Novi On The Go said...

Gorgeous bouquets, the one with the white owl is my favorite. Thank you for the tutorial link, the option of mixing fresh flowers with the brooches is truly inspiration.

Jasmine (YourSweetTreat) said...

I love brooch bouquets! I really hope no one throws it. haha

Tikimama said...

Those are gorgeous! I've never seen these, and can't believe I never thought of such a perfect idea.

The Ritzy Rose said...

Thanks for featuring my brooch bouquet and vintage bridesmaid dresses!

The Ritzy Rose