Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh me oh my

I love them! I have to clean off my dinning room table so I can stick some of these on it. I will have these for sale in my shop soon as I take more pictures.

Product Info:
3 color silk screen
13" x 18.5"
Made of the same fabic as my bags
-80% Ecotec, recycled yarn made from excess cotton fabric from industrial clothing manufacturers
-20% is made from recycled plastic soda bottles
Made in NH


stephanie said...

they look great!! i'm glad you decided to get both color combinations.

Karen Fields said...

Very cool!

Jenn Ski said...

I think I might even turn some into pillows!

Zarko said...

Nice stuff! I would appreciate if you publish the price of all materials that you use and where you buy it.

Jenn Ski said...

I have these made in NH by a company run woman. They sew everything and silkscreen it too.

bbphoto said...

table clothes next?