Monday, April 4, 2011

Vintage reissued fabrics and wallpaper

I love collecting vintage paper and fabric. I have piles of old folded wrapping papers and bits and pieces of fabrics I find at flea makets. I never use them because I always think that they're too special to use, or that I'm waiting for that perfect project. Maybe when I die someone can use them, HA!

Fabric designer Michael Miller is reissuing a bunch of vintage Tammis Keefe fabrics. 15 designs were issued, dogs, cats other adorable animals.

Wall Paper
This is a bold and iconic collection of wallpapers that celebrate a decade of design which transformed the boundaries of interior decoration. The Sanderson 50’s collection combines original 1950’s designs from the Sanderson archive with designs from contemporary artists who have taken great inspiration from this era.

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Atomic Livin Home said...

LOVIN' the wallpapers! Thanks for posting them!