Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mushroom picking

I was in my back woods trying to pick up sticks and rake up some leaves from the Irene aftermath when I saw them, everywhere! These are pictures of some of them.

Around this time of year when I was little I used to go mushroom picking with my grandmother. It was so much fun! Some she would slice up and dry and others she would pickle whole. I would never eat them at that age, I was always kind of grossed out by eating mushrooms from the woods. I'm sure I had unknowingly eaten dried chopped mushrooms in sauces and soups but the pickled ones looked slimy and I always made sure to stay clear of those

There are lots of identification books out there and If you really want to get into this many areas offer mushroom foraging walks. I remember wanting to go on one in the boston area but the class was full, so start looking now.


cathye said...

My dad says his grandmother (from the old country) used to pick mushrooms in Massachusetts for stews and soups, and somehow she never mixed up toadstools and mushrooms. But it's kinda scary to me!

Margaret Pearl said...

Very cool photos. I don't believe I've ever seen any mushrooms that pretty growing around PA.

Anonymous said...

great photos! Try Dave at Wichland Woods for NH mushroom forays!


Amanda said...

I love all types of fungi and always seek it out when in the tropics or even here in our Mediterranean climate. I should get me one of those books!

bbphoto said...

They are so beautiful!