Friday, September 9, 2011

Affordable alternatives

I got a catalog mailed to me from Chiasso just a few days. Not really sure how they got my info but, anyway... For those who don't know it's a store that sells modern/contemporary decor and furniture. Not really a big fan, most of their stuff looks kind of tacky and dated, but there were a few items I would like to mention.

I always wanted wanted a few urchin sculptures by C. Jeré, but never wanted to dish out a $1000. Well Chiasso has a set of 3 called burst wall pods for $118 and another version is silver.

(Top picture) They also have a cheeper version of another piece by C. Jeré, a chrome sputnik sculpture. Chisso's version is called the galactic sculpture. It's not as delicate but is a steal for only $78 (but it's nearly half the size of the original, bummer)

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