Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY Floating shelves

My house has a few nice spots for placing art, but most of the walls are filled with either bookcases or large windows. I have this one interesting area I've always wanted to do something with but didn't know what until now.

Ok, so I recently was looking through some West Elm catalogues that I keep around for inspiration and I really liked their floating wall shelves. I thought wow this would be perfect for that spot, but of course they don't have the size I need, So I'll have my husband Al build me some that will fit in perfectly.

I put up blue tape to roughly show you where they would go, would like to have maybe 3 or 4 shelves. They won't be very deep, maybe 5" at most. Finally a place where I can showcase framed art, a few vases and other thrift store finds.

The Foyer/ Dining room

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