Friday, January 20, 2012

New acrylic and paper paintings

Here a few small paintings i'm doing for an upcoming local show. It took me forever to get back into painting mode, I so got used to the undo button on my computer. I did the second one down months ago, If you haven't seen it already check out the time lapse video of me painting it.

Jenn Ski Paints from Jenn Ski on Vimeo.


Otis said...

Great art. How did you do this? Do you have tutorial or classes offer?

Jenn Ski said...

Thanks Otis.

I brush a thin layer of gel medium on to a painted hardboard canvas, about the same size as my paper shape. Then the back of the piece of paper, tap it on. Then brush on more gel until it's stuck on there. It's really easy.

I tend to use thicker paper, about the thickness of card stock. Any thiner and it tends to ripple.

This video will hopefully help. 3:20