Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Studio explosion

This is part of my studio. I've had plans for a while to rip down the old built-in cabinets and put in new ones with frosted glass doors and sturdy drawers to hold all my art supplies. I was originally planning to work on it in the spring, but our winter has been so mild here in the northeast, that I've decided to start now!

By now, long-time readers of my blog should be experiencing deja vu: Last year I replaced another large built-in unit with storage cabinets and added a large desk area. It's worked great so far, but I still need even more storage space! I'm running a business out of this office and all my materials, supplies, products, etc. have started to accumulate and spill out of the cabinets and into the workspace. Something must be done!

Below: the work I did last year

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