Monday, February 20, 2012

Walkway revisited

Back in 2010 my husband and I got working on a new walkway to replace the flagstone path in the front yard. At first I didn't really know what I wanted, but eventually we settled on really big concrete circles. They were a lot of work, but in the end it was worth it. Every time anyone comes to my door, I get so many compliments!

How did we make them? Well that is a good question. First we dug out the area a good 6"-8" deep. Then we shoveled and packed-in crushed stone, about 4" worth, on average. At first we were clueless on how to make the circle molds for the cement, but then we discovered Wacky Wood at a specialty wood mill. It's a plywood product that bends easily without breaking. So we cut a bunch of strips of Wacky Wood, laid them down and held the shape with stakes on the ground and screwed everything together. We then added rebar reinforcement inside the molds to prevent cracking and breaking problems. The bulk of the cost was hiring a company to pour the cement and finish the top surface of the circles with an anti-slip texture. We initially wanted to do it ourselves, but sometimes it's worth hiring the experts.

End result, a very unique walkway. We really love it and hope you'll be inspired by it.


Kate said...

I love your walkway Jenn! I am seriously considering doing this on a smaller scale in my back yard. I already have an oval patio back there (original to the house-1962) and I want to make a walkway between the house and my raised bed garden. Thanks for the info on the "wacky wood!"

Jenn Ski said...

Go for it! That wacky wood is amazing stuff. FYI - It comes in really big sheets of 4'x8'.

ARK said...

Hi Jen!

Thanks for leaving the comment on Houzz! I will make sure to feature your project again with a link back to you. I just need to find a good fit for it. We try really hard @ Houzz to make sure sources are accurate, so I apologize for not getting the link in the first time. Do you have additional projects uploaded to Houzz?

I think your project is fabulous and your blog is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! If I only had the mid-century house to go with it...thanks for sharing!

Jenn Ski said...

Thanks for getting back to me Amy, I appreciate it!

No I don't have any projects up on houzz, I am though currently redoing my office. Once it's all done I will let you know.