Sunday, April 1, 2012

89 cents, hell yes!

Went to a few thrift stores yesterday, but I didn't find one good thing. So I ventured a bit further to another Goodwill that I don't normally go to and I found some great stuff.

I have a few art glass paper weights already, but this one just caught my attention, and it doesn't hurt that the price was only .89! Doesn't it have that mod 1960's vibe? It's so hard to tell when something like this is old or not, it's so bright and shiny. Anyone have any thoughts?

Then I saw these awesome stetson plates (also .89 each), the stamp on the back looks to be 1960's. I remember seeing some of these plates on Etsy at one time, but I can't find them anywhere now. It's crazy that these are so old but the design looks so fresh and new.


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Meghan said...

Nice scores!!!! well done!