Monday, April 2, 2012

Car Port

Not sure what the architect who built my home was thinking when he designed a carport for a home in NH. I can understand carports for homes out west, but in cold NH?

Back in 2009 we had an Avante garage door installed. I'm so glad I went with it, yes it was a bit more expensive than a traditional door, but this house isn't traditional.

The back of the garage has a doorway to the patio, but there is no door. We always wanted to do it outselves, but 3 years came and went and we never did anything. We really didn't know where to start, so we called in the professionals.

We got a local company to build a frame and install a simple flat door. I asked for a little window above the door to match the other doors in the house. Once the weather gets warmer I'm going to paint the frame gray and spray paint the door yellow to match the front door.


kate said...

yeah, car ports in the northeast? What were they thinking? Great door!

Saw you on Apartment Therapy today! Congrats! Love the studio make over!

Kate Brown said...

Ya, you definately don't see many carports in NH! they really make no sense. Love the door and the garage door, looks fantastic.

Jenn Ski said...

yeah, closing off the garage was a good idea at the time, now it's loaded with my husbands workshop stuff, haha. It's so disorganized! I think this summer we are going to tackle it.

Heather Bauer said...

I love your house in ways words can't describe! Thanks for sharing more of it's awesomeness!

Portable Garage said...

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