Friday, April 6, 2012

Hobby Lobby review

I took my first trip to Hobby Lobby today, this store opened up in Manchester, NH last summer and I finally made it over to take a look around. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about it, some really bad and some really good. If you don't know about it, well, it's a craft store chain with a large selection of home decor items and your usual craft store stuff.

Ok see that yellow geometric sculpture above, I found that there for $15! I really like it, they even have a larger red and even bigger blue one that I must have! Overall the home decor items look way too cheap and have that made in China look. That sculpture was like a needle in a trashy hay stack. They did have some pretty glass domes for terrariums and I liked some of the smaller wrought iron hooks and wall decor.

Overall I guess I didn't like the store, but I'm a sucker for finding treasures. It had just enough interesting things to keep me coming back. Oh, and FYI don't forget to print out a %40 off coupon before you go!


Sharon said...

Love the sculpture! Which section did u find it in?

Jenn Ski said...

it was in the center of the store, where the home decor stuff ended and the craft stuff started.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I agree that, for the most part, the home decor line at Hobby Lobby is pretty cheesy, but occasionally I find something cool like that. The one near me does nice framing work, and I like that you can find readymade frames half off very regularly (although most of the time I have some oddball sized print and have to go custom).

Anonymous said...

Made my first trip yesterday. Was surprised at the amount of decor items. I was there to find jewelry findings and they had a better selection of that than Michaels.


Jillian said...

We have a Hobby Lobby here in Des Moines, and it's my go to place for frames and mat board. If you wait for the sales, you can get big, really nice frames for under $20. Their selection of serious art supplies is also much better than Michael's if your town lacks a professional art store. They also tend to have all those random little bits for crafting that I can never find at Michael's.